Laatste bief van Virginia Woolf

I feel certain that I am going
Mad again. I feel we cant go
through another of these terrible times.
And I shant recover this time. I begin
to hear voices and cant concentrate. 
So I am doing what seems to be the best thing to do. You have
given me
the greatest possible happiness. You
have been in every way all that anyone
could be. I don’t think two
people could have been happier till
this terrible disease came. I cant
fight it any longer. I know that I am
spoiling your life, that without me you
could work. And you will I know.
You see I cant even write this properly. I
cant read. What I want to say is that
I owe all the happiness in my life to you.
You have been entirely patient with me &
incredible good. I want to say that –
everybody knows it. If anybody could [nieuwe pagina]
have saved me it would have been you.
Everything has gone from me but the
certainty of your goodness. I
cant go on spoiling your life any longer. I dont think two
could have been happier than we have been.



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